Will Rogers Hotel

This gorgeous six story building once boasted 78 rooms and a truly luxurious resort experience. Claremore has the discovery of mineral water, also known as radium water, to thank for the construction of this building. When the father of financier Louis Abraham came to Claremore to be treated in the baths, he fell in love with the town but felt it lacked hotel facilities. Dedicated on February 7th, 1930, the Will Rogers Hotel took $321,000 to build and was constructed by local artisans and locally sourced materials. Will Rogers Hotel had 7 apartments, 50 guest rooms, a coffee shop, and also functioned as a spa and bathhouse with the famous mineral water. Every detail of the hotel was crafted with care and added to the overall feeling of luxury that the space provided. The woodwork in the hotel was all of solid mahogany. The floors the most beautiful terrazzo. The sparkling new electric fans set into the ceiling and a magnificent neon sign out front brought some modern flare to the hotel. Taking a room at the hotel put a fellow back about $3.00. A bath cost $1.00 and a massage 75 cents.


Quality reigned supreme in the hotel. The structure was not only stylish, but also fireproof. It was so safe the building was designated a bomb shelter during World War II. The Rogers County Historical society purchased the hotel in 1994 to save it from demolition. They spent just $1.00 to save the iconic place and keep the memory of the bathhouse alive. A multimillion-dollar restoration began in 1997 and the hotel was reopened on November 15, 1997 as the Will Rogers Center. Take some time to step into the lobby and remember the nearly forgotten time of the luxury hotel. Bell hops no longer included.