Will Rogers visited Virginia and frequently spoke about the state’s political figures. He liked to joke about Presidents traveling to Virginia to vacation, hunt and fish and he thought the countryside was beautiful.

“Been traveling today down through the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia—and boobs are leaving to see Europe! Just saw the birthplace of Woodrow Wilson.” – Daily Telegrams, April 29, 1927

“Am down in Old Virginia, the mother of Presidents when we thought Presidents had to be aristocrats. Since we got wise to the limitations of aristocrats, Virginia has featured their ham over their Presidential timber. Visited their Natural Bridge today, the first of the seven wonders of the world. Niagara and the Grand Canyon are a couple more. Italy’s poor marksmanship is one. Faith in prohibition enforcement is another, Claremore (Okla.) radium water and last and greatest the Democratic eternal hope.” – Daily Telegrams, January 31, 1927

“Then that valley of the Shenandoah is full of caves. Now what does a respectible community want with caves? You don’t see any caves around Claremore, Okla., do you? No sir, everything is above ground. And look at the corn they raise in Virginia, and everybody knows they feed their horses oats. Where does the corn go, eh? I ask you. You Roanoke, I am asking. So you see it’s Virginia. That’s what it was, if he had run with Oklahomans, you couldn’t have ever dug up all this on him. What’s Virginia done anyhow? All they could do was write Constitutions, and Declarations, and have Presidents, and make Hickory Smoked Ham.” – Weekly Articles, 1927

“Just to show that, in 16 - I believe it was 1612, the state of Virginia financed - they financed the first lottery in this country. They financed the government with a lottery. They didn't have any way to raise any money, and nobody could think of a sales tax in those days, and nobody even thought of a gasoline tax. Up to then they'd never needed any tax money for there wasn't any politicians. But in 1612 some wise guy decided that he would like to live off of the other Virginians. And instead of living off of the forest, he says, "I'll just live off of those boys." So they called him a politician. “ – Good Gulf Show, 1935