The Dog Iron Ranch

This ranch would come to be known as the Dog Iron Ranch. Clem Rogers would eventually move into Claremore, served as a vice president in the new First National Bank, opened a livery stable, and was a part owner of the Sequoyah Hotel. In December of 1898, he would put his young son, Will Rogers, in charge of the old Rogers Ranch. Will, who pined for the days of the sprawling ranch of his youth, was not too interested in operating a small ranch. It was at this time, that Will Rogers renamed it the Dog Iron Ranch, after his cattle brand.

By 1902, Will Rogers had moved on, and the ranch was operated by tenant farmers for many years, and the house fell into disrepair. By the late 1920s, Will Rogers had become an international superstar. He bought up his sister’s share of the ranch, and put his nephew, Herb McSpadden, in charge of it. The McSpadden family revived the ranch, and lived in the Rogers ranch house until 1960, when the ranch house was taken apart in two different pieces, and moved up on top of the hill in which it now sits, to save it when the Army Corp of Engineers dammed up the Verdigris River to create Oologah Lake. Since that time, the Rogers ranch house has been open to the public as a historic site so visitors from all over the world can visit the birthplace of Will Rogers.