Rhode Island

Will Rogers visited Rhode Island and wrote about the state’s politics, especially Governor Theodore Greene. He also used Rhode Island’s size in a number of analogies.

“This is Rhode Island, the place where half their Legislature went out of the State and hid one time, and the State never run better in its life than it did then.” – Daily Telegrams, May 15, 1927

“This herding Governors ain’t near as bad as I thought it would be. Just give ’em plenty to eat and let ’em speak and they don’t give you any bother. Governor Greene of Rhode Island and Governor Cross of Connecticut are awful highly educated and speak different from these western and southern Governors. So my job is really an interpreter for Greene and Cross.” Daily Telegrams, July 24, 1933

“Look at Holland, great Country big as England, and they have Colonies, but do you ever hear of them when they talk of what the big powers want? No, you would think they were Rhode Island. Why? No Navy.” – Weekly Articles, 1930