Will Rogers spent a good deal of time in Pennsylvania and wrote frequently about Pennsylvania politics. Will performed his debut radio broadcast from Pittsburgh in 1922 on KDKA. He also wrote quite a bit about his friend Andrew Mellon and even referred to him as “Uncle Andy.”

“Now the great State of Pennsylvania houses many manafacturing concerns, don’t it? It’s a rich State. Well everybody in Pennsylvania that makes anything have joined in a Giant Society.” – Weekly Articles, 1929

“It’s a tough year for the voter. Every man is trying to be elected as cheap as possible. Even Pennsylvania and Illinois votes was never bringing as little as they are this year. It don’t hardly pay a man to vote.” – Daily Telegrams, May 30, 1928

“So the Wets in Pennsylvania will vote for Dry Hoover, because he's a Republican, and the Drys in Texas will vote for Wet Smith, because he's a Democrat.” – Life, August 30, 1928

“Of course Mr. Mellon is the Henry Ford of Pittsburgh, and any time you are the richest man in Pittsburgh you are figuratively and literally, dirty rich.” – Weekly Articles, 1924

“It was marvelous, and the dinner that night in an exact reproduction of the old Liberty Hall in Philadelphia. There was real splendor and old time magnificience. I heard all of them say that it was the greatest banquet in every respect that was ever held.” – Weekly Articles, 1929