New Mexico

Will Rogers visited New Mexico on several occasions and he thought New Mexico was a beautiful state. He performed in Albuquerque and spoke before the New Mexico Legislature in 1927. He wrote a lot about Poncho Villa and his raid of Columbus, New Mexico.

“Now I am traveling through a country that there ought to be law passed in Congress that no one was allowed to receive a Passport to leave this country till they had visited New Mexico and Arizona. We got sights in these two states that if Europe had them, they would fence them off and charge admission and get enough to pay off their national debt.” – Weekly Articles, 1927

“You have heard of great preparatory schools where they turn out great football talent for the large universities. Well, right here in Roswell, N. M., the prettiest little city you ever saw, is situated the New Mexico Military Academy, and their kid polo teams are famous. It’s the incubator for coming international polo. Think of a preparatory school with 120 kids out to make the team.” – Daily Telegrams, May 11, 1931

“Villa raided Columbus, New Mexico. We had a man on guard that night at the post. But to show you how crooked this Villa is, he sneaked up on the opposite side.” – Weekly Articles, 1924

“Just drove 125 miles over to Santa Fe to speak before New Mexico’s Legislature. It’s the only one in America where everything is carried on in both Spanish and English. You know New Mexico is handled under an American mandate—the same as we handle Nicaragua, Mexico, Tacna-Arica and China.” – Daily Telegrams, February 28, 1927