New Jersey

Will Rogers visited New Jersey and spoke about its political figures and its delegates in Presidential elections. Will was friends with New Jersey resident Dwight W. Morrow and Charles Lindberg, who married Morrow’s daughter.

“The most human thing I read in the papers today, or this month. The reform school in New Jersey gave a home coming and alumni meeting where over two hundred men who had been there as boys, lots of them now prominent, came back and told what they were doing. Some brought their wives and families with ’em. One told that he served five years there for larceny, and was now a big contractor installing burglar alarms in banks, and was bonded for $150,000. It didn’t give their names, but it ought to, for I believe it would endear every one of their standing in their home communities. It would at least be a change from that old success formula, “I started as a newsboy.” Bravo, New Jersey!” – Daily Telegrams, February 12, 1929

“New Jersey broke a life long precedent last week. She made the front page without a murder. They put on a little religious Tableau similar to the Passion Play over in (I can’t spell that name). Anyway, they put this on in a Church on Sunday, and all were hauled up and fined for immorality and Vice. Now they are changing all Psalm singing in Jersey from Sunday till Monday, and then, I suppose, pay a Theatrical license.” – Weekly Articles, 1923

“The question that every guy asked who used to come to interview me was: "Did you really come from out West?" I got so tired of hearing it that I used to tell them: "No, I'm from New Jersey, but don't you tell anybody." – Theatre Magazine, July 1917