New Hampshire

Will Rogers visited New Hampshire in 1927 and spoke frequently about its political figures.

“Say, my beer offer the other day to buy the Senators or Congressmen a nip in return for their unlooked for public good has brought me a lot of bills. Here is one from a man in New Hampshire: “You didn’t say anything about ex-Senators, but knowing your personal regard for ex-Senator Moses, thought it would be O. K., so bought him one. The beer didn’t suit him. Said he couldn’t get back onto it, so had to give him something better. So enclosed bill, to one drink for Senator Moses, 50 cents, discount 40 cents, which I took care of myself, which leaves a balance due 10 cents. Moses seemed mighty satisfied with this arrangement.” That’s O. K. with me. An ex-Republican Senator is worth a dime anywhere.” – Weekly Articles, April 13, 1933

“Every time the speaker nominated somebody, why the band would strike up what they thought was an appropriate tune. The bird nominating Governor Brown of New Hampshire kept talking and referring to “The Old Granite State. That glorious old Granite State.” When he finished the band played “Rock of Ages.” There was granite for you.” – Weekly Articles, 1924

“Now we jump clear up to New Hampshire. This Gov. Winans is quite a fellow, another type of the rich fellow who really wants to do something worth while for his country. A great war record and they say a mighty able governor. I know he is mighty nice and a good speaker.” – Weekly Articles, 1933