Will Rogers visited Missouri many times and frequently talked about Missouri politicians. He was an avid baseball fan and attended the 1934 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Detroit Tigers., where he had his picture taken with Dizzy Dean, (picutred). Will went to school at Kemper Military Academy in Boonville, Missouri.

“Old Missouri? Some mighty poor farms but mighty good schools. You can learn something, but you can’t raise much…. Lots of politics in Missouri. Wherever you find poor soil you will always find politics. When you see you ain’t going to raise anything, you just sit down at the end of the row and cuss the party in power. There is a lot of fertile ground in that historical old state too, but it’s from the limestone ridges where the long winded old congressmen come from.” – Weekly Articles, 1933

“Just passed through Jefferson City, Mo., the home of the State Prison and the State Capitol. The worst in the State is sent there. The Sheriff was on our train and he had two men who had escaped, and he was taking them back to the Legislature.” – Daily Telegrams, February 23, 1928

“Twenty thousand people in Missouri gathered to see twelve farmers in the world’s championship corn husking. No wonder the farmer has nothing. If he had been smart enough to put these on under the guise of college athletics, hired a coach and a stadium, why then the farmer would be sitting as pretty as Notre Dame.” – November 14, 1929