Will Rogers visited Minnesota on several occasions and discussed Minnesota politicians frequently. He spoke to the Legislature in 1927. He wrote frequently that Minnesota is populated by Scandinavians. He quipped from a trip to Oslo, Norway, “Minnesota can well be proud of its Fatherland. It’s wonderful and substantial.”

“They have beautiful Cities, some of the loveliest parks and beautiful lakes, and lots of private homes. The Apartment epidemic hasent hit ’em yet, and what a rush they are getting to those Lakes for the vacation period. Bands of boys and girls from southern States are all coming here to summer Camps.” – Weekly Articles, 1930

“They say there is ten thousand lakes in the state of Minnesota alone. You know there is three or four different bunches up here. The general impression is that everything is a Swede, but these Norweigans, and Danes are just as proud of their Native land and will tell you they come from a better country than Sweden. But the great part about it is they all get along fine together. Any rivalry is good natured.” – Weekly Articles, 1930

“I am at this moment having breakfast at the St. Paul Hotel, in St. Paul (I think). This is the town where no one can ever remember whether it is in Wisconsin or Minnesota, and it acts more like North Dakota than it does like either Wisconsin or Minnesota. Climatically it’s the Capitol of Siberia. Somebody with a sense of humor built it and Minneapolis right close together, and then they moved away to watch the fun. They were born the “Twin Cities,” but since birth they have grown together. Now they are locked. One can’t do anything without interfering with the other. If one dances the other one wants to sit down, and if one wants to sit down the other one wants to dance. What one eats don’t agree with the other one. The Mississippi River is between them, but Lord, that don’t stop ’em from cussing each other. The Pacific Ocean should separate them. ” – Weekly Articles, 1925