Will Rogers with Henry and Edsel Ford at a Detroit Tigers game

Will Rogers visited Michigan on several occasions and was very good friends with Henry Ford. Ford endorsed Will for President in 1928. Will was a big baseball fan and attended the World Series when the Detroit Tigers took on the St. Louis Cardinals. He sat in a box with Henry and Edsel Ford. 

“Am lecturing before University of Michigan tonight on “Better Government by Poorer Officials.” The great biologist, Professor Little, is President of the school. He took the position so he could combine the study of students with that of guinea pigs. Yours mayorally,

Mr. Rogers.

P. S. – You will remember this school more readily when I tell you it’s the one that Benny Friedman and Benny Oosterbaan are building the new stadium for. Michigan’s scholastic standing is a field goal better than any university in the Middle West.” – Daily Telegrams, January 6, 1927.

“For her fourth offense selling liquor the great State of Michigan sends the mother of ten children to the penitentiary for life. I guess that will just about blot out the liquor business in the State. I suppose she was the last one selling. Any woman that tries to raise ten orphan kids in that cold State not only ought to be allowed to sell booze, but the State should furnish it to her to sell, and guarantee that it was pure. That would make her the greatest life saver in Michigan. It certainly ought to be a lesson to people with ten children to never move to Michigan.” – Daily Telegrams, December 12, 1928

“Ford’s City of Detroit is going great. Don’t let ’em tell you any different. As Ford goes, so goes Detroit.” – Daily Telegrams, May 24, 1929

“Just flew in here tonight from Detroit. Spent the day there with Mr. Ford. When the world is in a hole I go to Ford and ask him. More common sense than all of ’em. Then, too, I know there is more people interested in the new Ford than there is interested in Manchuria; they ain’t going to get into Manchuria, but they are going to get in these Fords.” – Daily Telegrams, February 17, 1932