Memorial Museum

Welcome to the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. I’m Michael Wallis, author of Route 66 – The Mother Road and voice of the Sheriff from the Disney Pixar movie, Cars. I am your guide through this magnificent museum dedicated to America’s most beloved personality, Will Rogers. Rogers was the #1 movie star, radio star, public speaker, and newspaper columnist; a stage actor, a family man and friend to everyone. As you learn more about him, you will be amazed at how much he meant to America and the world. He was so big, that my beloved Route 66 was nicknamed “The Will Rogers Highway;” you can see one of the markers on the fence just outside the front entrance. As you walk through the museum, look for the “Enhanced Tour” signs to get more information through our audio tour, including additional images and other content about the man referred to as “America’s Cowboy Philosopher.” I’ll see you at the next tour stop!