Will Rogers visited Massachusetts on several occasions and frequently wrote about its politics. He called Massachusetts a “book-learned state.” He commented frequently on Massachusetts resident and President, Calvin Coolidge, saying, “He didn’t do nothing, but that’s what we wanted done.”

“Up in old Massachusetts the Republicans are in a dog fight among themselves. Mr. Gillette’s time is soon up as a Senator and he wants to withdraw and let ex-President Coolidge run. Then the Democrats have dug up another Coolidge, who is a Democrat. That’s the blamedest State for curiosities.” – Daily Telegrams, September 5, 1929

“Mr. Coolidge said he wouldn’t talk on the radio till some humanitarian cause presented itself. It did. The Republicans in Massachusetts needed him.” – Daily Telegrams, October 28, 1930

When writing his “Letters of a Self-Made Diplomat to His President,” which appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in 1926, Will wrote in his salutation, “Mr. Calvin Coolidge, President of al them United States and Emperor of Massachusetts.”