Will Rogers visited Kansas many times and spoke quote often about Kansas political figures. He also drove a “cow and calf herd” from Texas to Medicine Lodge, Kansas. He attended the Republican convention in Kansas City in 1928. He called Kansas, “the comedy relief of the United States.”

“Just had a nice visit from Senator Henry Allen of Kansas. He said Kansas was feeling fine. Now, when Kansas ain’t kicking things have got to be running about perfect.” – Daily Telegrams, January 24, 1934

“If Colorado blows over and lights on top of Kansas, it looks kinder like Kansas ought to pay for the extra top soil, but Kansas can sue ’em for covering up their crops. Now, this week’s wind has picked up Colorado which was in Kansas, taking Kansas with it, and that’s what’s in the air looking for a new place to light.” – Daily Telegrams, March 28, 1935

“Kansas had an election a week or so ago, and Mr Hoover seemed mighty pleased when his backer from there was nominated by a big majority. It was thought that Kansas on account of being a sort of an Amateur Farming State might go against the Administration because the heat had spoiled the crops, but they dident, they voted for a good friend of mine, Henry Allen.1 (Well he is a friend of Hoover’s too.) – Weekly Articles, 1930