Will Rogers visited Idaho in 1927 and he frequently spoke of Idaho politics, especially about Idaho Senator William Edgar Borah, whom Will held in very high regard. Borah was a Republican, but Will talked about him like he was a Democrat.

“It took me forty-eight States to do it, but I finally arrived in one where every one knows who one of their Senators is. I go to Borah’s home town tomorrow. I want to see this place before it is made a shrine for honoring the only man in public life in his time with independent thought, when everybody else’s ideas are as standardized as Ford parts.” – Daily Telegrams, March 18, 1927

“I blow into this town of Borah’s wanting to hold my usual conference or caucus with the Democrats about next year’s nomination and I find there are no Democrats here. Borah is the only one they have. Haven’t been out to look the town over, but I bet it’s rotten. Anything that is all Republican is no good. Anything that is part Republican isn’t much good. You have to have some decent element.” – Daily Telegrams, March 19, 1927

“She thought the more Country you owned the bigger you was. She dident know that Idaho, one of our small States, was one of our best.” – Saturday Evening Post, March 12, 1932. (“She” is referring to Korea)