Will Rogers commented several times about Delaware politics and the quality of its people and, in typical Will fashion, would sometimes misspell Delaware, Deleware.

 “But you take, as I say, a fellow from Delaware, and he is preaching Deleware and all its advantages from the time you meet him till you leave him, and by golly, it pays to do that. Look at Delaware today! So never mind this old good fellow spirit of giving the other fellow the best of it. I believe in throwing in a little boost for the old native heath.” – Weekly Articles 1923

“I would like to have seen what Delaware would have done if they had found this much oil. They would have sold so much stock that if the Pacific Ocean had been oil it wouldn’t have paid back the buyers. Look at Real Estate. Here we have the greatest land and lots that ever laid out of doors, but do we do anything with them? No! We just sit here. We never advertise them; we never boost them. I wish you would see what the state of Delaware would do if they had the same class of lots that we have here. Why they would have sub-divisions all over the place. They would have barbecues, and drawings, and screen stars personally appearing, and men under umbrellas selling each lot.” – Weekly Articles, 1923 (Will was discussing California finding oil)

"Col. T. Coleman Du Pont, United States Senator from Delaware, has lost use of his vocal cords. Now I feel sincerely sorry for his personal discomfiture, but if his ailment could be made contagions and he distribute it among his brother members of the Senate his illness would prove to be a tremendous national blessing." - Daily Telegrams, Oct 28, 1927